The advent of electronic health records has decreased physician efficiency by cutting into the valuable time necessary for quality patient care. On average, physicians spend 20% of their time on non-clinical tasks to maintain patient documentation and clinical notes electronically. To relieve themselves from this increased digital workload, physicians are turning towards a reliable and cost-effective solution of acquiring services of a virtual scribe. A virtual scriber alleviates the burden of non-clinical tasks performed by a physician, by providing a 1-1 Digital Valet service for all EMR interactions. The popularity of virtual scribe is rising sharply due to its positive impact on operational efficiency, quality of care and patient experience.

Physicians Virtual Scribe

Physicians Virtual Scribe empowers physicians to optimize their work schedule, allowing them more face time with a patient for improved quality of care. Physicians Virtual Scribe offers a scalable solution for physicians, hospitalists, hospital-based specialists, and outpatient clinicians. Our scribes securely record patient encounters in real-time and document them in EHR. In addition, our scribes are trained on billing processes and ensure codes are entered accurately for revenue assurance. Our services are designed to facilitate physicians with HIPAA compliant virtual scribe solutions that minimize their time spent on maintaining necessary and appropriate documentation. We allow physicians to concentrate on providing high-quality patient care while our scribes maintain all patient-related documents and medical records.

Why Choose Us?

  • Healthcare professionals fully assigned to Physicians 1-1

  • Well-versed on all major EHR software across the industry

  • Trained on Coding and Billing documentation and revenue cycle

  • Follows you in any facility type or specialty

  • HIPAA compliant remote access software

  • Understands physician workflow and facility processes


We Empower Your Practice With


Accurate EHR Records

The focus of virtual scribes is to provide physicians with accurate EHR (electronic health record) by timely documenting and retrieving patient data, allowing them more time to focus on patient care and observation. Learning how to efficiently utilize an electronic health record (EHR) software is a time-consuming process. Due to the overwhelming burden of data entry, quite often physicians are unable to document detailed interactions resulting in sub-optimal notes.


Minimizing Digital Workload

Physicians invest a significant amount of time sorting through clinical and non-clinical tasks to maintain the necessary patient-related documentation electronically. Utilizing virtual scribe services gives physicians the advantage by minimizing their digital workload. Moreover, physicians continue to benefit from the impact of virtual scribe services while simultaneously improving workflow productivity.


Improved Patient Experience

Virtual scribe services enable a patient-centric environment. Physicians facing computer screens during patient interactions creates a negative experience for the customers. With the utilization of a virtual scribe, physicians are able to devote more time towards face to face interactions. As a result, the enhanced patient experience improves the overall satisfaction rate, setting even higher standards across the board.


Positive Impact on Revenue

Accurate documentation is a MUST for higher revenue codes. Physicians often do not have complete notes and documentation of encounters, which can result in lower billing codes as well as lack of justification in case of audits. By recording accurate billing codes, procedures and ICD 10 codes, results in increased revenue.


HIPPA Compliant Remote Solution

Virtual scribes seamlessly integrate with physicians at all levels. We guarantee physicians will receive the complete solutions that provide HIPAA compliant software access to HER. Our scribes interactions maintain patient privacy and the protection of Private Health Information.


Documentation for Quality Outcome Reporting

Physicians Virtual Scribe provides solution for physicians to meet the required performance measures of the value-based healthcare model. The virtual scribe program has widely gained notoriety across the industry as an effective solution that will allow physicians to deliver quality care while providing comprehensive documentation for quality outcomes measurement and reporting.